Life in Whitehaven Foyer

As a young person living at Whitehaven Foyer, you will meet regularly with experienced staff who will be able to help you with lots of things to enable you to achieve success. This could include:

• reconnecting with your family
• independent living skills
• access the correct benefits and maximising your income
• accessing further education and training
• applying for and maintaining work
• dealing with physical and mental well-being
• developing confidence and self-belief

Whatever is important to you - we will help you achieve your goals!

You will be able to explore ideas, uncover hidden talents and develop your ambitions. We work very closely with a range of agencies and partners to provide a great service and ensure you have access to what you need.You will be encouraged to take responsibility for your own actions and development. We have an excellent in-house tenancy programme that you will be required to take part in. This will give you the opportunity to learn and develop your skills in respect of managing your own home and give you some skills to deal with and influence visitors.